Inspired by: Jane Eyre Wall Art

Hi everyone,

I fell in love with Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte when I was still a young teenager. I liked the fiesty nature of Jane Eyre’s personality despite her low stature, and I enjoyed Mr Rochester’s wit. I loved the fact that both Jane and Mr Rochester were ordinary people (i.e., not glamazonions!) and I enjoyed the mystery-like feel to parts of the plot.

While browsing the internet one day, I stumbled across a really neat idea to place a page from the book in a frame with a larger quote from the page overlaying the text. You can see the image that I saw below as well as the link to the webpage if you would like to purchase the item.

While this product is lovely, I decided that I could probably make one myself. So, I downloaded a free copy of Jane Eyre from the internet. I found the page where Mr Rochester tells Jane that he loves her, featuring the quote “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will“. I copied the text and overlayed the quote in larger letters (click here to download a copy: Jane Eyre).

Here’s where I diverged from the image above. I printed the page out onto an A5 piece of paper. Then, I purchased an 8x10inch box frame. I used a deep red backing paper to mount the page onto. Then, I found silhouettes of a man and a woman, printed those out and arranged them to make it look like Jane and Mr Rochester were talking. Finally, I found illustrations from Jane Eyre (click the link here: Jane Eyre Illustrations). I printed off small copies of my favourite points throughout the book and mounted those at the bottom.

Here’s the finished project (apologies about the poor lighting):

What do you think? I’m please overall, especially when considering that what I found costs £24.99 and yet I made this for less than £10.

Have you made any book related crafts? If so, let us know! We’d love to see them 🙂 We might even feature them on our blog.

Happy reading!


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