Movie Trailer: Maleficient – What a disappointment

Hi everyone, The first trailer for Maleficient has been released (see below). After reading the plot on imdb a few months ago, I was really looking forward to seeing the trailer. Maleficient is a remake of the Sleeping Beauty tale released by Disney in 1959 (originally written by the Brothers Grimm and named Little Briar Rose, and also written by Charles Perault and named The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood). There is a twist though – the movie will be from Maleficient’s perspective and will show the events that led to Maleficient becoming a villian. I love an excellent villian – Voldermort inHarry Potter, the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean, Count Dracula in Van Helsing, the Joker in The Dark Knight, Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman – to name just a few off the top of my head. So, I watched the trailer with bated breath. I was rather disappointed and underwhelmed after watching the trailer for Maleficient. I am not sure she will be an excellent villian.   In the trailer, Maleficient, played by Angelina Jolie, really looks the part. She has a creepy head piece on just like in the Disney film, her skin is deathly pale with a green tinge and her eyes are bright green and yellow.

Maleficient (2014)           Maleficient in Sleeping Beauty (1959)

However, Maleficient is in the shadows for most of the movie trailer. When Maleficient finally speaks, this is the conversation that occurs between her and Aurora. Aurora: “Don’t be afraid” Maleficient: “I am not afraid” Aurora: “Then come out.” Maleficient: “Then you will be afraid” I have to say, that left me underwhelmed. Plus, the only shot after than conversation is Maleficient creating the wall of thorns. Finally, one shot of Maleficient shying away from the camera by hiding her face in her collar. Sigh.

Maleficient (2014) by Disney

I feel like the movie has been majorly toned down to appeal to young children. The nice thing about the original Disney version of Sleeping Beauty (1959) was that Maleficient was creepy! Her laugh, her temper, her magic, everything made for an excellent villian. Plus she turned into a freakin’ dragon! I don’t think you can get more bad ass than that! I am just not sure about whether the same feel to Maleficient has been kept in the remake.

Sleeping Beauty (1959) by Disney

The majority of the trailer actually focuses on Aurora played by Elle Fanning. Aurora is walking through a forest with strange fairy like creatures and speaking in a terrible, I repeat, terrible British accent! She’s also very young, too young for how I picture Aurora. In the Disney movie, she pricks her finger on her sixteenth birthday. In the trailer, Elle Fanning doesn’t look sixteen. She looks more like fourteen or fifteen (Elle Fanning won’t turn sixteen untill April 2014, a month prior to the release of the movie).

Aurora in Maleficient (2014)

I am holding out a small amount of hope that maybe this is just a very bad trailer and that the next trailer will impress me. Although, anything will be better than this trailer. What do you think of the trailer? Do you think Maleficient will be a good villain?


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