Radnom News: TV Shows to Check out and Movie Update

Hello Lovely Readers,

I found some more interesting looking TV shows that are based (loosely) off of some classic books. The first is the TV series The Musketeers on BBC1. Right now it is on iPlayer for those in the UK. It is based off of The Three Musketeers by Victor Hugo. I honestly cannot wait to watch it. The trailers look good, and I love a good sword fighting show. I am just a bit leery as I have never been a fan of d’Artagnan in the movies. Also I am looking forward to Peter Capaldi (the new Doctor) Cardinal Richelieu!


A show to look forward to much later this year or next is a new series based on The Wizard of Oz  and other stories by L. Frank Baum. The show is to be called Emerald City and will star a 20 year old Dorothy Gale. You can read more about it here.

Lastly, tagged on to the bottom of a story about the Batman/Superman movie being pushed back a year, there was an announcement that there would instead be a new Peter Pan movie instead. You can read that here. I will have to see trailers for the Peter Pan movie before I decide if I want to see it or not, I am a huge fan of Peter Pan things.

Until next time,


About Lynne

I am currently a PhD student of Forensic Psychology, which may explain the off mix of extremely morbid books sitting next to children’s books. Hailing from the Midwest in the United States of America, I have now lived in England for over 2 years (which will explain any strange grammar usage). From a very young age, my parents cultivated a love of reading, and never restricted what I read. When I reached middle school I began reading Shakespeare (a lifelong love affair), but had also discovered the wonders of young adult fiction. While the world may now expect me to read books more reflective of my age, I have fought this and am a strong supporter of the YA novel! Despite having very little free time, I still sets aside time for a reading every evening, and listens to books on my way to University. I dream of one day being a published novelist and published scientist!

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