Movie Trailer: Maleficient Trailer Two – Epic!

Hi everyone,

Maleficient is a remake of the Sleeping Beauty tale released by Disney in 1959 (originally written by the Brothers Grimm). There is a twist though – the movie will be from Maleficient’s perspective and will show the events that led to Maleficient becoming a villain. When I saw the first trailer for Maleficient I was rather disappointed and underwhelmed. You can see my review of the first Maleficient trailer here: Maleficient – What a disappointment!

The second trailer for Maleficient is so much better.You can see the trailer below:


The second trailer for Maleficient focuses almost entirely on Maleficient, with only small glimpses of the King, Fairies, and Aurora. There is a creepy feel to the trailer with Lana Del Ray singing “Once Upon a Dream,” in the background, the classic song from Disney’s earlier adaptation of Sleeping Beauty (1959). You can listen to Lana Del Ray’s version of “Once Upon a Dream” below.


The focus on Maelficient, gives the viewer a better idea of Maleficient’s character. I was worried after seeing the first trailer that the remake had lost the essence of Maleficient in Disney’s earlier adaptation of Sleeping Beauty (1959). I wanted to see her laugh (or cackle), her temper, and her magic. Everything that was missing from the first trailer is definately there in the second trailer. Angelina Jolie really plays the part well! My favourite clip from the trailer is toward the end where Maleficient pretends to be apologetic and sympathetic before breaking into a huge grin and laughing to show that she just doesn’t care. It is brilliant and a nice nod to Disney’s first adaptation of Sleeping Beauty (1959), crow and all. I also really like the costumes for Maleficient. There’s the traditional black dress and cloak with a black headdress giving her the appearance of horns, but there’s also a brown outfit with more horns.

In an interesting twist on Maleficient’s appearance, there is also a clip showing Maleficient used to have wings. I assume because she used to be a fairy before she went bad. This isn’t from the second Maleficient trailer, but it’s so awesome that I had to include it here!


The trailer also shows more of Maleficient’s powers. I love that they’ve bought green into her character through her eyes and her magic, as this is a colour that was associated with Maleficent in Disney’s earlier adaptation of Sleeping Beauty (1959), albeit the green was the shade of Maleficient’s skin.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the dragon is made from the forest! A nice twist, indeed. I also can’t wait to see the big battle between Maleficient and her forest army and the King and his army. That should bring a good amount of action to the movie.

I am really excited to see this movie now, although I am still concerned about Aurora, particularly the really bad accent that Elle Fanning is using (see Maleficient: What a disappointment!). Let’s hope Aurora isn’t in the movie that much! This really should have been the first trailer, not the second.

What do you think of the second trailer?


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