Movie Trailer: The Maze Runner

Hi everyone,

The trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Maze Runner has been released. You can see the trailer below.


I recently read The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I became somewhat of a Dystopian-fiction junkie for a while. I found the book enjoyable to read because the story was driven by the plot. However, I did feel that the characters were all a little one-dimensional. I never really connected with them, not even the main character.

Based on the trailer, it seems like the movie adaptation of The Maze Runner will stay true to the book. The green and the maze looked exactly like I’d pictured when reading the book. We don’t really see the Greivers much in the movie trailer. I assume the director is keeping some mystery for the actual movie. The glimpses of the Grievers look pretty creepy though, so fingers crossed these scenes will be action-packed! I was disappointed with how the Grievers were kind of present in the background throughout most of The Maze Runner book. I never felt the characters were in that much danger. I hope that changes in the movie!

There are some semi-big actors in The Maze Runner movie, including Dylan O’Brien (from Teen Wolf), Will Poulter (We’re the Millers), and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Love Actually and Nanny McPhee) so the acting should be good. I hope that seeing the characters in The Maze Runner movie will help the audience connect with them unlike in The Maze Runner book. I think that the only female in the movie trailer–I can’t even remember her name she’s that forgettable–stood out for all the wrong reasons. That moment where she says Thomas’ name in the trailer is cringe-worthy. When she briefly appears in other parts of the trailer, she doesn’t appear to be acting very well. It’s also nice, for once, that the characters in the story have not been white-washed. In the book, Alby is Black and Mino is Asian. This is also true in the movie trailer.

What do you think of The Maze Runner trailer? Will you be seeing the movie in theaters?

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2 thoughts on “Movie Trailer: The Maze Runner

  1. I’m currently reading the book, it lacks character development but apart from that I like and I can’t wait until the movie. PS Dylan O’Brien is the perfect person to play Thomas.

    • Frances says:


      Thank you for commenting. I completely agree with you about the lack of character development. I hope this will be less of an issue in the movie. I won’t say too much because it might spoil the plot for you. Let me know when you’re done and we can chat about that!

      I think Dylan O’Brien is absolutely perfect. He not only looks the part, but he’s a really good actor in Teen Wolf, so I am confident he will pull of Thomas character. He might even be able to make Thomas seem more human. I’m really excited that cast Dylan O’Brien.


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