Random News: The Casual Vacancy Mini-TV Series

Hi everyone,

In 2012, JK Rowling released her first adult fiction novel called, The Casual Vacancy.

Book Summary:
The Casual Vacancy is a tough book to really talk about the plot. But the basic rundown is that everything happens in a small, made-up town called Pagford, and how it deals with the death of one of the local councilmen, Barry Fairbrother. Pagford council had been in a nasty dispute about trying to foist off the low income housing onto the next town, and close down the local addiction clinic. Fairbrother had been an amazing man, who raised himself out of The Fields (the low income housing) and is a very philanthropic person. But with his passing, The Fields lost their biggest supporter, and the fight over The Fields, the clinic, and the open seat are on, with both sides and more joining the fray.” (Lynne’s book review of The Casual Vacancy).

Book Review:
I found The Causal Vacancy to be dull, and I gave up before reaching 100 pages. Lynne did finish reading The Casual Vacancy, and in her review of the book she said following:

“I would only recommend if you like adult or contemporary books. It is well written but dense. If you love JK Rowling or the genre, definitely get it and make sure to read to the end. Otherwise take a pass.”

She also said, “…to come into this book thinking anything connected to Harry Potter would be a complete mistake.”

Mini-TV Series:
According to The Guardian (source), JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy will become a 3-hour mini-TV series co-produced by HBO and the BBC. The Guardian (source) also indicate that as the scandal in The Casual Vacancy will take centre stage, the mini-TV series will be in-keeping with HBO’s current popular TV-series including True Blood, True Detective, and Game of Thrones.

I’m not sure whether the mini-TV series will be successful in terms of the plot itself. I am hopeful considering there will only be 3 hours so much of the density in The Casual Vacancy should be removed. However, even if the mini-series is as dull as the book (in my opinion the book is dull), the mini-series is sure to be a success given how many fans JK Rowling has.
What did you think of The Casual Vacancy? Do you think The Casual Vacancy will make an interesting mini-series?




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