Random News: Gotham and Batman

Hello Lovely Readers,

Just a quick post today, but I thought I would share a trailer that is making the rounds now. The new TV series, Gotham, has just released its first trailer, and it looks ok. Gotham is going to look at the city and Jim Gordan (who becomes Commissioner Gordan). We also apparently get to see the origin of many of Batman’s greatest foes (though it looks like no sign of the Joker, which is probably for the best). I personally am more than a bit worried about the series, especially as it is hosted by Fox. So even if the series is good I fear that Fox would end it or something of that nature. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think about the series.

Lastly, Buzzfeed has a neat article with 13 Things You Probably Never Knew About Batman. For me this was all pretty much new information, and I enjoyed understanding a bit more of the history of Batman!

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About Lynne

I am currently a PhD student of Forensic Psychology, which may explain the off mix of extremely morbid books sitting next to children’s books. Hailing from the Midwest in the United States of America, I have now lived in England for over 2 years (which will explain any strange grammar usage). From a very young age, my parents cultivated a love of reading, and never restricted what I read. When I reached middle school I began reading Shakespeare (a lifelong love affair), but had also discovered the wonders of young adult fiction. While the world may now expect me to read books more reflective of my age, I have fought this and am a strong supporter of the YA novel! Despite having very little free time, I still sets aside time for a reading every evening, and listens to books on my way to University. I dream of one day being a published novelist and published scientist!

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