Random News: Reviews of Maleficent

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Frances and I watched Maleficent last week, and absolutely loved the movie. While we don’t have our review written up yet, I thought I would share some of the news I have found about the movie. I have found it very interesting to see how different everyone’s opinions of the movie are, it seems you either love it or you hate it.

Most prominent right after the movie was released were the negative or mostly negative reviews. You can read several of them here, here and here. It is hard to tell why these reviewers didn’t like the movie. Some seem to think it is dull, others wanted Maleficent to just stay bad the whole movie (but you know they would have complained that she didn’t develop throughout the movie if she had been evil the whole time), and some say it was overdone. One very interesting thing I noted from the three articles I pulled, and from memory it seems to hold, all these more negative reviews are from male reviewers. I think there is something in this film that really appeals to women and feminists, that these men seemed to have missed.

While reviews that have been more favorable have been slower in coming out they are starting to appear, however most of the positive reviews are coming from normal people. Strangely it seems that the regular populace is enjoying the film, and the critics are mixed to negative. One thing some of the reviewers can agree on is that Angelina Jolie commands attention in the role, and some are calling it a comeback for here. Most of all the support of the movie can be seen in the way the movie is winning at the box office. One interesting article talks about why Maleficent is doing well in the cinemas, and you can read that here.

For those of you who have seen the movie there is an interesting article over on Buzzfeed where Angelina Jolie talks about the ending. You can read it here. She has some very interesting insights into her character. Also in the behind the scenes type articles, there is a nice interview with the script writer, Linda Woolverton here, where she talks about some of the emotions she felt as she wrote some of the final scenes of the movie.

So have any of you seen the movie? What did you think? Also stay tuned for our review later this week!

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