Random News: Marvel is Marvelous

Hello Lovely Readers,

Very exciting comic news has happened over the past week thanks to Marvel. The most exciting, for me at least, is the release of the first official pictures from the next Avengers movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. You can click through to see the pictures here. Looks like most of the main characters have had slight changes to their costumes (most notably Captain America and Hawkeye). I have been trying to avoid plot spoilers/summaries, but the pictures look great. I just hope it can live up to how much I enjoyed the previous movie!

Second, and this was super surprising, marvel has announced that in the comics Thor will now be a woman. Instead of having a gender reassignment, the current male Thor will become unworthy and loose the ability to wield Mjolnir (his hammer), and instead one of the woman around him will be deemed worthy and when she picks it up will become the new Thor. I have mixed feelings about this, but mostly happy. I am excited that Marvel is making this happen, even if there is already presidents of others  wielding Mjolnir and gaining the powers (including several women such as Black Widow and Storm). It would be great to see a female superhero. However, I have some concerns on the writer and why we don’t get a new hero. So for now I am cautiously optimistic, and trying to decide how the male Thor becomes unworthy (I am hoping it happens in Original Sin which he is in, and I am reading because of Loki!). To read more on Thor you can click here.

Last news came right on the heels of the Thor announcement, and that is that in the comics we will be getting a black Captain America. The announcement that Sam Wilson AKA the Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie in Captain America: The Winter Solider) was released on the Colbert Report which you can read about here. I am excited to hear this, as Sam Wilson is an awesome character. There have been several times in the comics where other characters have taken up the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers, most notably Bucky Barnes. I think it shows some real catching up with the times that Marvel will now have a female and a black lead in some of their most popular series, I just wonder how long it will take DC to catch up (even if I do love DC for Batman and Batwoman!).

So are you guys excited about all this comic based news? I know I am, but also still a bit worried that it will fall short of my expectations!

Until next time,


About Lynne

I am currently a PhD student of Forensic Psychology, which may explain the off mix of extremely morbid books sitting next to children’s books. Hailing from the Midwest in the United States of America, I have now lived in England for over 2 years (which will explain any strange grammar usage). From a very young age, my parents cultivated a love of reading, and never restricted what I read. When I reached middle school I began reading Shakespeare (a lifelong love affair), but had also discovered the wonders of young adult fiction. While the world may now expect me to read books more reflective of my age, I have fought this and am a strong supporter of the YA novel! Despite having very little free time, I still sets aside time for a reading every evening, and listens to books on my way to University. I dream of one day being a published novelist and published scientist!

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