Beetle Queen (Beetle Trilogy #2)

Beetle Queen
M.G. Leonard
326 pages
2017  “You and your friends think this is some sort of childish detective game, but it isn’t.”
Bartholomew Cuttle from Beetle Queen by M.G. Leonard

I really enjoyed Beetle Boy and had eagerly looked forward to the sequel, but when life got in the way I didn’t even realize Beetle Queen had been released. Once I realized this, I immediately got a copy, and finished it in a day.

Beetle Queen picks up where the previous one ended. Darkus and his friends are still determined to keep investigating Lucertia Cutter, the beetle/human fashionista that dad-napped Darkus’s father. However, now that Bartholomew Cuttle is back, he doesn’t want the kids investigating, he knows it will put them in danger. However, events happen that force Darkus, Virginia, and Bertolt to have to go against Bartholomew Cuttle’s wishes.

The great thing about Beetle Queen is that it continued with what I loved about the first book; strong friendships, with a dash of bugs and science! I loved Novak and that we got to see more of her and her life as Lucertia’s daughter. There is also Uncle Max still being an amazing adult. He looks after the kids and knows how to comfort them when need be, and encourage them when he can. More children’s books need an Uncle Max in them. It was neat this time to see some other adults in the children’s lives, and see their varying levels of support. Although, you do really have to suspend your disbelief in what they would allow the kids to do!

I was a bit disappointed with Darkus’s father’s character. It was unclear what his motivations were. He didn’t seem to try and reconnect with his son, which felt strange after how much Darkus has been through to get to him.

There is an epic battle that happens towards the end. It was well written and engaging. It was a good end to the book and leaves you wanting the next book. I am excited to see where the next book takes this story, and how it will bring the story to a close.

Final Verdict: A great continuation of a great story, and leaves you wanting the last book.