Captain America Shield Shirt

Inspiration: Captain America: The First Avenger
Time: approximately 5 hours
Completed: 29 July 2012

In the summer of 2012, I had tickets to see the USA Women’s Soccer team face North Korea’s team in the London Olympics. This was a dream come true for me as I have loved the USA Women’s National Team since I was a young girl playing soccer. While I was excited to go to the game, I realized I needed to wear something to show my support. Realizing I would not wear a t-shirt that just said, “USA” on it after the game, I wracked my brain to figure out what I would wear again. Then it hit me, the Captain America Symbol.

I had seen some t-shirts being sold with the star and circle symbol on the front, but I had disliked the colors that were used. Almost always the blue is too dark compared to the other colors. So I went and found the prefect shade shirt that I wanted and quickly pulled together a stencil for the t-shirt.

Wearing the t-shirt to the USA vs North Korea women’s soccer match at the 2012 Olympics.

Unlike most of my previous t-shirts to this point, this one would require two colors. While this normally wouldn’t have been much of an issue, the red and white paints are very different in thickness. The white is very thick and opaque, which makes it nice for covering the blue fabric. The red however, was much thinner and really sank into the fabric, which made it a bit difficult to work with. Thankfully I was able to get them both to show up and overall, the t-shirt worked pretty well. I also had a little bit of blue paint that matched the shirt to help clear up some of the edges.

Captain America T-Shirt after 2 years of wearing

Overall, I was very pleased with the shirt. Even better is that it has aged wonderfully. Now it looks like a vintage shirt, with everything fading at the same rate. I have been stopped many times by people complimenting my shirt, and none of them can believe that I made it. It also brought the USA Women’s soccer team luck and we won easily in the Olympics (And then took the gold medal!)

Final Verdict: One of my favorite shirts to wear on a casual day!

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