Book Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries #1)

Book Title: Demonic Dora (scroll down to reach Frances’ addition)
Author: Claire Chilton

“‘Did you know Larry could fart fire? It’s fuckin’ epic!’ she gestured to the skinny soul sitting across from her who demonstrated by shooting a blast of fire out of his backside.” Dora, Demonic Dora: The Demon Diaries by Claire Chilton

Final Verdict: Original, humorous and refreshing to read! Bring on book two in the Demonic Dora series!

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Book Review: Demonic Dora

Book Title: Demonic Dora
Author: Claire Chilton

An attractive, blond haired boy with bright, blue eyes fell through the door. He wore a swashbuckler’s shirt and tight, leather pants. ‘Don’t worry, Minx-witch. I shall save you!’ he cried.

Dora gasped and swung her fist out at the strange boy. This fist made a solid connection with his jaw and sent him flipping over face first onto the floor. She looked down at his unconscious body and sighed. ‘Okay, if you must.’”
Demonic Dora by Claire Chilton

Final Verdict: Run and get this as soon as it is published. A bit of crass humor, but fitting for a great story and great characters!

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