Book Review: Season’s Meetings

Book Title: Season’s Meetings
Author: Amy Dunne

This is your first Christmas without Granny Birch, I know you probably want to hide, pretend Christmas doesn’t exist, spend time drinking it away and reading books, but we’re not going to let that happen.
Beth in Season’s Meetings by Amy Dunne

Final Verdict: Fun holiday romance book that is perfect with a cup of tea and curling up on the couch.

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Book Review: Secret Lies

Book Title: Secret Lies
Author: Amy Dunne
The more time she spent with Nicola, the more she liked her. Which was strange, considering she generally didn’t like many people. But liking Nicola wasn’t enough to deter her. She remained adamant she would discover Nicola’s dark secret. Another of her own darker qualities, which she’d failed to mention earlier, was she always got what she wanted in the end, even if it was at someone else’s expense.”
Jenny in Secret Lies by Amy Dunne

Final Verdict: A very realistic book for middle/older teens that I wish I had been around when I was a teenager.

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