Book Review: October Faction Volume 1

Book Title: October Faction: Volume 1
Author: Steve Niles and Damien Worm

“But I bet you didn’t know this, the word ‘monster’ also has roots in the ‘monere’ which means to help or instruct. Do we like to be afraid? Do we like to confront our fears and externalize our internal struggle? Or is it that we love monsters because so often we are the very monsters we fear most?”
The October Faction: Volume 1
by Steve Niles and Damien Worm

Final Verdict: Great new comic that will appeal to fans of darker comics with dashes of humor and family that reminds you what really love is!

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Book Review: The Vagrant

Book Title: The Vagrant
Author: Peter Newman

“In answer, the Vagrant raises his blade. At its hilt, silvered wings unfurl.
An eye opens.”

The Vagrant by Peter Newman

Final Verdict: An amazing and complex journey with amazing characters that I am already planning to re-read!

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Random News: Clariel’s USA Cover and Pre-Order Info

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am so excited to share with you some more information about Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen by Garth Nix. In a post on Buzzfeed that you view here, the USA cover was revealed, the plot synopsis, and the USA releases date. Tied in with the official release date is that the book is now available for pre-order! The USA release date is 14 October 2014, and the UK and Australian covers are most likely to be released in April (although exact timing is unknown). Check out the cover below, followed by the synopsis.

Clariel is the daughter of the one of the most notable families in the Old Kingdom, with blood relations to the Abhorsen and, most importantly, to the King. When her family moves to the city of Belisaere, there are rumors that her mother is next in line for the throne. However, Clariel wants no part of it—a natural hunter, all she ever thinks about is escaping the city’s confining walls and journeying back to the quiet, green world of the Great Forest.

But many forces conspire against Clariel’s dream. A dangerous Free Magic creature is loose in the city, her parents want to marry her off to a killer, and there is a plot brewing against the old and withdrawn King Orrikan. When Clariel is drawn into the efforts to find and capture the creature, she discovers hidden sorcery within herself, yet it is magic that carries great dangers. Can she rise above the temptation of power, escape the unwanted marriage, and save the King?

Also Nix had previously released on Twitter a hand drawn map of the world of The Old Kingdom series. Check that out below.

Are you guys as excited by this as we are? Will you be pre-ordering the book?

Until next time,

Book Review: Newt’s Emerald

Book Title: Newt’s Emerald

Author: Garth Nix

“Truthful stared down at his set face, and fought back the urge to cry. No-one had ever spoken to her like that before, but fear soon gave way to her own anger.”
Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix

Final Verdict: A fun read, with elements for everyone, and makes you smile as you read it!

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Random News: Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen– Specific Date of Release

Hello Lovely Readers,

As many of you have seen, we have tried to keep you up to date about when Clariel by Garth Nix will be released. It has all been hints and guess based on Garth Nix’s posts on Twitter and Facebook. Today, we have from those same sources some very exciting news. Hidden in a contest on reviews of Newt’s Emerald (a new e-book by Nix, which I highly recommend), Nix himself had some information about Clariel‘s release, as you can see below!

So it looks like we can now start counting down to 21st October of this year! Plenty of time to re-read the whole Old Kingdom series. Even more encouraging, Nix also shared a photo of some proofs he had just received to correct, as you can see below.

I would also recommend for those of you who are really keen for the book to pay attention to Nix’s Facebook page, as he has had many contests where he gives away Clariel sneaklets and some of the bell charms! Frances and I have been desperately trying to win these, but with no such luck so far!

Are you guys ready to start counting down with us? Hopefully we will have news soon about per-ordering the book!

Until next time,

Random News: Old Kingdom Trilogy Covers

Hello Sweeties,

So my Facebook feed was randomly filled with various covers of Garth Nix’s books today. He seemed to be doing some cleaning and found all of his foreign language copies of his books, and decided to post pictures of the various covers. As an American now living in the UK I am always surprised at how different book covers can be, sometimes for better and sometimes not. However, it was all the covers of the Old Kingdom books that caught my eye. Some where absolutely gorgeous, and I will share some of them below. Others were a bit mystifying, such as the Chinese cover for Sabriel that had an old man with a long white beard phasing through a wall (that wasn’t in the book, for those who were wondering). I will freely admit that I judge books by their covers when I am looking for new ones. The ones below are books that would have cause me to pick them up, and actually although it is not below, the American cover of Sabriel is what caused me to pick it up the first time!

So enjoy the photos below. If you want to check out more of the covers and some of his other series, you can click here to see Garth Nix’s Twitter page (where the photos originated).

Until next time,

Frances and Lynne Adventure: Meeting Garth Nix





Meeting Garth Nix
Place: Waterstones in Bath
Date: 25 August 2012

The visions are fragmented and a dark cloud spreads like spilt ink across the pages of possible futures.Lirael by Garth Nix

Final Verdict: You should absolutely get to a book signing with Garth Nix! Not only does he write amazing books, but he is also a very friendly person!

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Book Review: Lireal and Abhorsen

Book Title: Lireal and Abhorsen (books two and three in the Old Kingdom trilogy)
Author: Garth Nix

The Ninth was strong
and fought with might,
But lone Orannis
was put out of the light,
Broken in two
and buried under hill,
Forever to lie there,
wishing us ill.”
Abhorsen by Garth Nix.

Final Verdict: These books are well worth the read, just make sure to push through the chapters that focus on Prince Sameth. You’ll be rewarded if you do.

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Book Review: Sabriel

Book Title: Sabriel
Author: Garth Nix

Who will guard the living when the dead arise?”—Sabriel, Sabriel by Garth Nix.

Final Verdict: Hard to put down—be prepared to give up a couple of days to read this. As soon as you put it down, you’ll want to pick it back up again.

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