Book Review: Panic

Book Title: Panic
Author: Lauren Oliver

The rules of Panic are simple. Anyone can enter. But only one person will win.
Panic by Lauren Oliver

Final Verdict: An okay read but not something to write home about.

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Book Review: The Crow: Curare

Book Title: The Crow: Curare
Writers: Antoine Dodé & James O’Barr

A life comes apart at the seams. He wants to blame the dead girl. But the stitching had become frayed long before that.
The Crow: Curare by Antoine Dodé and James O’Barr

Final Verdict: A very dark addition to The Crow universe and not for the faint of heart, but worth a read for those who enjoy a story of vengeance.

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Book Review: Swans & Klons

Book Title: Swans & Klons
Author: Nora Olsen

At the final moment, Doctors saved humanity by discovering how to create human life without the animalistic and outdated method of sexual reproduction. The Doctors chose three hundred specimens of exquisite womanhood to be the templates for all future generations to come. And thus Society was born, and in this great nation called Society we have three hundred Jeepie Types.
From Swans & Klons by Nora Olsen

Final Verdict: An ok novel that doesn’t disappoint, but doesn’t provide a thrill either.

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