Chris Evans Q&A on Spreecast

Live Web Chat
21 August 2013If I see shadows of Steve [Rogers, aka Captain America] I am doing something right.
Chris Evans

Chris Evans announced, on his rarely used Twitter account, that he would be holding an online question and answer session with his fans. It was unrelated to any specific project, and seemed like a genuine attempt to connect with his fans. While I was expecting some trouble with the technology or reticence to answer things–as he is not known for having interactions with fans online (at least to my limited knowledge)–this was certainly not the case. Everything seemed to run smoothly from his agent’s office, he had wanted to broadcast from his home, but did not have the proper connections. He appeared at ease in front of the webcam and relaxed in a nice, plaid button down shirt. He was a bit more of a chatterbox that I expected, and reminded me a little bit of his character Jake Jensen from The Losers. Glancing at the number of visitors the webcast seemed to peak somewhere above 1700 people. The fans seemed to be mostly young women, and the questions ranged from movie questions to more personal questions.

Many of the questions had to do with his acting career, particularly about Captain America and The Avengers:

  • When asked the best part about playing Captain America, Evans was at first at a loss for words and then said it was nice to be playing a truly good superhero, who unlike other superheroes isn’t dealing with internal demons or character flaws.
  • One of the most poignant moments was when Evans was asked if he ever caught himself acting like the Captain, and he said, “[He] should be so lucky.” That Steve is who people should strive to be (i.e., selfless and listening to other people), and that if you see a hint of that in yourself you are doing something correct.
  • As to filming of the second Captain America movie (The Winter Solider), it felt like going back to school after the holidays and meeting with your friends, but that he will miss the actress who played Peggy (both the character of Peggy and the actress).
  • Being part of The Avengers was intimidating and overwhelming, and the actors didn’t know how big the movie was going to be.
  • With Captain America out of the equation, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is Evans’ favorite Avenger.
  • Evans admits that he can do an impression of Tom Hiddleston (who played Loki, and has done impressions of Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor), but refused to give a demonstration.

Evan’s did answer some further questions about his acting career and what he has enjoyed the most. While he tried to not say anything controversial, he would usually say one or a couple, rather benign things, to be able to move on:

  • Of all the movies Evans has worked on, he said that Fantastic Four was his favorite, but that he had lots of fun on Scott Pilgrim, The Losers, and Not Another Teen Movie.
  • One of Evans favorite co-stars was Ioan Gruffudd, and leading lady, Bryce Dallas Howard.
  • When asked about actors that he would see in any movie they were in (because the actor was in it) he listed many, but Sam Rockwell was the most specific answer.
  • While Evans would like to say that the character he related to most was Captain America, he admitted it was a darker character named Syd (from London) that he felt most similar to at the time of filming;  thankfully while he had had similar experiences, his outcome was a lot different than London’s. Preparing to act as London was also the most challenging. While he would do more comedic roles in the future, if they are well written, he really would like to play a very intelligent character who likes to talk (‘gift of gab’ he called it).
  • One of Evans most embarrassing moments was filming the part where he has a banana in his butt in Not Another Teen Movie, especially with so many crew members around.
  • When Evans was asked who he would like to work with in the future, he said it was more about the directors and listed many of the best names in the field.
  • Yes, Evans had a wig on in Iceman. If he had the patience, he would like to have long hair, but there is that awkward growing out stage and his hair is too straight for it to work (according to him).
  • Evans is looking forward to seeing Edgar Wright’s At World’s End movie soon.
  • Evans admitted that he still gets nervous before auditions, but that as he has gotten older he realizes that it is not the end of the world and it is easier. He got into acting because of his older sister, and that he wanted candy like she got when she performed. He used to take part in musicals when he was younger, but prefers the realism in movies to musicals.

Several questions kept coming back to the fact that Evans has always wanted to direct and will be doing so soon in his directorial debut. If Evan’s wasn’t an actor he might have been an animator, but also possibly a director, and he would like to be a director after he retires from acting. For directing though, he would not want an actor like himself, one who is inquisitive about the camera angles, lights, etc. If he were to remake a favorite movie he would do The West Side Story, but not set it in modern day.

As for the more personal questions for Evans, many were focused on his hometown of Boston. He stated that he thought he had a very normal childhood, but that was due more to his parents. Eastern Massachusetts is still his favorite place in the world, and returning to his home and family in Boston helps keep him grounded. Evan’s did reveal the following additional facts about himself:

  • Evans best school subjects were science, math, and history, and he played lacrosse.
  • Evans favorites include cookies and cream ice cream, Fox and the Hound (his favorite Disney movie), his top three movies are Legend of the Falls, I Heart Huckabees, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, although Groundhog’s Day should be thrown in somewhere. He doesn’t really get sucked into TV programs, and usually watches National Geographic.
  • Currently on Evans playlist are Alice in Chains, Led Zepplin, van Morrison, Paul Simon, and some 90s rock, while he is reading The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lippton.
  • Evans is passionate about animal rights, even if he is conflicted a bit about eating meat.
  • Sadly Evans dog East passed away recently.
  • Evans would describe himself as a night owl.
  • Evans wants to visit Alaska for his bucket list.

Overall, the webcast was fun, and it was really neat to see a famous actor just being himself. It is sometimes hard to determine which parts of a character are the actor or purely the roles s/he is playing, so this was really nice. The whole thing was approximately 50 minutes, and the whole time Chris was extremely eloquent and thankful to the fans. My favorite moment though had to be when a girl who had been behind camera tried to crawl under the range of the camera and could be seen crawling out, and Chris never acknowledged her. It made me laugh because it would be been less strange and quicker if she would have just walked out. While I didn’t ask any questions myself, it was definitely fun to watch, and I hope other actors and authors follow with similar set ups.

If you would like to watch the Q & A you can view it here.

Final Verdict: Chris Evans came across as a very down to earth guy, whose family and interests keep him grounded. A great way to safely interact with fans.

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