Dead Until Dark: Who is Bubba really?

In Dead Until Dark, Bill brings along a Vampire friend named Bubba to watch over Sookie while Bill is out of town. There’s something a little bit off about Bubba though. Bill explains that when Bubba arrived in the morgue, there was still a spark of life in him and as the Vampire mortician was a huge fan, he turned Bubba into a Vampire. Unfortunately, something went wrong during the transition to Vampire and Bubba’s is now a few sandwiches short of a picnic as such.

We know that Bubba must be famous for the Vampire Mortician to be a huge fan and we know that Bubba isn’t his real name because Bill warns Sookie never to call him by his real name as Bubba doesn’t like it one bit. Here are the other clues as to Bubba’s real identity:

“A handsome vampire with thick black hair combed into an improbable wavy style …”

” Husky, taller than Bill, and he wore jeans and a `I VISITED GRACELAND’ t-shirt.”

“It was the man from Memphis”

“Heavy Southern accent.”

Have you guessed who Bubba really is yet?

Elvis Presley!


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