Nancy Drew Kindle Cover for Book Lovers

Inspiration: Nancy Drew Book Series
Date Purchased: December 2010

“Several frightened townspeople claim to have seen an apparition and heard the weird sounds of a tolling bell just before water rushes from the cave. What Nancy discovers and how she outwits a ring of swindlers will thrill all admirers of the courageous young detective,”
Mystery of the Tolling Bell (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories # 19 in the UK, #23 in the USA) by Carolyn Keene

As a child, the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories was my favourite series. I liked how independent Nancy was for her time, and I loved trying to figure out the mysteries before Nancy. My favourite Nancy Drew Mystery was the Mystery of the Tolling Bell.

My mum knew that the Mystery of the Tolling Bell was my favourite and she had a Kindle Cover made for me out of a hardcopy of the book for Christmas. I did feel a twinge of sorrow when I first saw the Kindle cover because a book had been destroyed to make it. However, I love having this as my Kindle cover. It constantly reminds me of my childhood and it’s something different. I’ve had many compliments on my Kindle cover because it’s not your average, plain leather cover. I also feel inspired to read whenever I see my book cover.

The outside of the book came in a used condition, i.e., there are marks on the back as you can see in the image and the edges are worn. This might put some people off, but I loved the Kindle cover more for it. I liked that the book had been well-loved, and it reminded me of my own copy of the Mystery of the Tolling Bell. My copy is just as worn from being read so many times. The inside of the cover was nicely done in a pale green, spotted fabric. This was well sewn and put together. I really liked the black lacy elastic that holds my Kindle inside the book. I was worried at first that my Kindle might slip out, but it’s a good fit and I’ve never had any problems.

The Kindle cover was purchased from the Spoonful of Sugar Esty shop. This shop has closed down but the owner has another shop on Etsy called Chick Lit Covers where she is selling the covers. If you like the look of these Kindle covers, the link to her shop is here: . Just search for Nancy Drew and you will see the Kindle/Kobo Covers (as well as an array of other custom-made items from books). There are a few books titles to choose from and these do change. At the moment, the Mystery of the Tolling Bell is no longer available. The cost of the Kindle cover is quite expensive at $64 or £43. However, if you’re a fan of Nancy Drew and reading books on your Kindle, the price is worth it! I’ve had mine for almost three years now and it’s still exactly the same as when I bought it despite being carried around with me everywhere.

Do you have an interesting Kindle/Kobo covers that inspire you? If so, I’d love to hear about them or see a picture.

Final Verdict: A Kindle cover made out of one of your favourite books—what are you waiting for?

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