Lynne Adventure: Chris Evans Q&A on Spreecast

Event: Chris Evans Q&A on Spreecast
Place: Live web chat
Date: 21 August 2013

Final Verdict: Chris Evans came across as a very down to earth guy, whose family and interests keep him grounded. A great way to safely interact with fans.

For the full adventure, click the event title. To view a recording of the Q&A click here.

Random News: Ask Chris Evans a Question

Hello Sweeties,

If you have any interest in comics, or comic book based movies, this is something not to miss. Or if you just love Chris Evans! While many people will know him as just a really hunky actor, he is in fact very important for comic book based movies. He is probably one of the actors who has portrayed the most different comic book characters. To my knowledge he has played: Johnny Storm/Human Torch (Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Sliver Surfer), the voice of Casey Jones (TMNT), Cpt. Jake Jensen (The Losers, one of my favorite movies!), Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), and of course Captain America (Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, and Captain America: The Winter Solider). These are the ones that I recognize, there could be more, but clearly this is man you should be familiar with!
So why do I mention this all? Well, on Wednesday at 2pm (Pacific Time Zone time, or California time for those who want to see when it is in their country), he will be hosting a web question and answer time. You can read about it here on his twitter. The link to the event is here. This is all rather interesting, because to my understanding technology is not something he is particularly good at (like with Captain America, or the opposite of Jensen!), and he is usually a rather private actor. He has said that any questions are welcome, and this is not to promote anything specific. I have a feeling that it is rather close to the release of the next Captain America movie. However, it is still going to be a neat chance to possibly have a famous actor answer your questions.

So who is going to tune in to watch? I have a feeling I will be! If you haven’t seen many of those comic book movies that I mentioned, I recommend the ones I have seen. They are perfect for the end of summer and just sitting back and watching superheros save the day. And if you like movies like The A-Team where a group of outcast military men save the day and blow lots of stuff up I highly recommend The Losers (as well as the comic books which are even better), the trailer is below.

Until next time,