Book Review: The Heavens Rise, A Second Look

Book Title: The Heavens Rise
Author: Christopher Rice

“Niquette is living proof that things done can’t be undone. Nothing will put her family back together again. And nothing can save her. But as Niquette, Ben, and Anthem uncover the truth of a devastating parasite that has the potential to alter the future of humankind, Niquette grasps the most chilling truths of all: someone else has been infected too. And unlike her, this man is not content to live in the shadows. He is intent to use his newfound powers for one reason only: revenge.”
The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice

Final Verdict: A slow read that’s ultimately mind-boggling. You’ll either love it or hate it.

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Random News: Exciting Book News

Hello Lovely Readers,

There have been some really exciting book news this week, and I thought I would celebrate with you guys!

The first is that one of my favorite authors, Malinda Lo, has just released the audiobooks for my two favorite books of hers. Even better, Lo reads the novel’s herself, both Ash and the prequel (by centuries) Huntress! This is even more exciting, because in her livechat from last year, my one question was when were the audiobooks coming out, and who would be reading them, and at the time it wasn’t sure if they were ever coming out. Even better is that Lo is holding a contest on her blog, which you can access here, where she will be giving away 10 copies of the audiobooks. Hopefully some of you will take the chance and enter, or try picking up one of her novels today. Check out the samples of the audiobooks on her blog, today! She is also active on Twitter and responds to fans, and seems like a really nice person as well as a good author!

Also very exciting for me this week is the announcement that David Lagercrantz will be writing a sequel to Stieg Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Sadly, Larsson died while working on his fourth book, and the notes were not sufficient for someone else to continue his story, so instead Lagercrantz will continue the story of Lizbeth and Mikael fresh. I would love to see more of these two and the people around them, but at the same time I am not sure how well someone else could write these characters. So until it gets closer I am just cautiously optimistic! You can read the article here.

How many of you read RL Stine books when you were younger? He was famous for both his Goosebumps series and his Fear Street series. Stine has just announced that he will be releasing a new Fear Street novel in 2014 (more information here). I loved reading scary stories when I was younger, and that usually meant reading a book by Stine. It is nice to think of a whole new group of people being scared by his stories!

Lastly, there has been a lot of buzz about Divergent and the movie based on the book. Several people are predicting it could be bigger than Twilight or The Hunger Games as far as the movies are concerned (see article here). I have read the book, and I really enjoyed it, but I am worried about how it will translate to the screen. Mostly I am afraid that the romance will take center stage instead of Tris’s struggles and strength. While I have not read more than the first book, the good news is that at least in the first book, there is no love triangle, which is already a major point in the movies favor! Also a lot of people have already been talking about how much better Four (the main male love interest) is than Edward, as he is strong, attractive, and knows Tris needs to be tough to survive in their world. See more about Four here. I will not be rushing to to the cinemas to see this one (I think Mortal Instruments has taught me just how bad a book adaptation can be, and has scarred me about seeing more), I would like to see it on the big screen.

Any cool book news that any of you have found? What do you think about these announcements?

Until next time,

Book Review: The Heavens Rise

Book Title: The Heavens Rise
Author: Christopher Ricec

“But Ben Broyard, pipsqueak that he was, always looked at Marshall as if there was a stink coming off of him, as if he could detect the dark thoughts Marshall nursed about people who made him angry and thought they were kind of stupid even if they did involve knives and rope.”
The Heavens Rise
by Christopher Rice

Final Verdict: An exciting horror/thriller that keeps your interest until the end.

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Movie Review: World War Z

Movie Title: World War Z
Director: Marc Forster
Notable Stars:  Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, and Matthew Fox

Mother Nature is a serial killer. She wants to get caught, she leaves bread crumbs, she leaves clues… Mother nature knows how to disguise her weakness as strength.
Andrew Fassbach (a virologist) in World War Z

Final Verdict: A scary movie, that if you have a stomach that can withstand motion sickness, it is definitely worth a watch!

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Book Review: Dolly

Book Title: Dolly
Author: Susan Hill

What he saw on her face when she glanced round was a look so full of malice and evil, so twisted and distorted with dislike and scorn and a sort of laughing hatred, that he wanted to be the one to run, to get away as fast as he could, back to what he now thought of as the safety and shelter of Iyot House.
Dolly by Susan Hill

Final Verdict: A fast read, and well written, but ultimately unsatisfying in the end. Take it or leave it.

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