Random News: Old Kingdom Trilogy Covers

Hello Sweeties,

So my Facebook feed was randomly filled with various covers of Garth Nix’s books today. He seemed to be doing some cleaning and found all of his foreign language copies of his books, and decided to post pictures of the various covers. As an American now living in the UK I am always surprised at how different book covers can be, sometimes for better and sometimes not. However, it was all the covers of the Old Kingdom books that caught my eye. Some where absolutely gorgeous, and I will share some of them below. Others were a bit mystifying, such as the Chinese cover for Sabriel that had an old man with a long white beard phasing through a wall (that wasn’t in the book, for those who were wondering). I will freely admit that I judge books by their covers when I am looking for new ones. The ones below are books that would have cause me to pick them up, and actually although it is not below, the American cover of Sabriel is what caused me to pick it up the first time!

So enjoy the photos below. If you want to check out more of the covers and some of his other series, you can click here to see Garth Nix’s Twitter page (where the photos originated).

Until next time,