Random News: Jane Austen Fun

Hello Lovely Readers,

So some exciting Jane Austen news inspired me to share some fun Jane Austen inspired finds with you. It might have helped that I have recently been to Bath and the Jane Austen museum!

So the news is that a 2003 radio performance of Mansfield Park is going to be re-broadcast starting on 12 May on Radio 4 at 2pm. Even better is that David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch are both in the cast! This was before they were as well known as they are today. You can read more information about the play here. It is a nice celebration for the 200th anniversary of the book’s release. I have never read Mansfield Park, but I am looking forward to hearing this play!

So as I was inspired by that news I found a wonderful resource with information on how to throw a Pride and Prejudice party, here. It has some great ideas about invitations, food, and decorations. I think it sounds like fun and maybe Frances and I will try out some of the ideas!

Next are a pair of quizzes from Buzzfeed which are a lot of fun. The first is to find out Which Jane Austen Heroine You Are. It takes less than five minutes. I was at a bit of a disadvantage as I have only read/seen Pride and Prejudice, so I was unfamiliar with my result of Elinor Dashwood. However, I like the description and will have to read Sense and Sensibility.

The second quiz is to find out Which Jane Austen Hero is Your Soulmate. I was very excited to find out that apparently Mr. Darcy is my Soulmate. Clearly this is awesome news, unfortunately I think Mr. Darcys are in short supply!

Lastly, this is one of my all time favorite videos and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as I do!

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High Arts Corner: The Ocean at the End of the Lane Radio Play

Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane Radio Play
Novel by: Neil Gaiman
Abridged by:
Doreen Estall
Read by:
Michael Sheen
July 2013“She was much older than me. At least 11. She had a soft Sussex accent, grey-blue eyes, and a freckled face.”
The Ocean at the End of the Lane Radio Play
by Neil Gaiman

Final Verdict: A good adaptation of the book, and a great reader.

Random News: Neverwhere Radio Play

Hello Sweeties,

Super cool news today for all of you!! About 2 months ago I was given the first hint about this awesome news by a tweet by Neil Gaiman. You can see it here. But a couple of days ago (sorry I have been taching so it is just a couple days behind), it was announced that the Neverwhere radio play will be premiering on 16 March. While this news by itself would be amazing, the cast is what takes this news into the truly wonderful. It is a really amazing collection of (mostly British) actors!

James McAvoy as Richard Mayhew
Natalie Dormer as Door
David Harewood as Marquis de Carabas
Sophie Okonedo as Hunter
Anthony Stewart Head as Croup
Benard Cribbins as Old Bailey
Christopher Lee as Earl of Earl’s Court
Benedict Cumberbatch as The Angel Islington

As you can see this is a really amazing cast, and I think the ones that I recognize, have been really well cast! If you are unfamiliar with the story please check out our review of it here. And if you just can’t wait, I highly recommend listening to the audiobook read by Neil Gaiman himself, as he does a wonderful job bringing his own story to life in a way no outsider ever could.

So hopefully you will tune in like we will to listen to this amazing production. We will try to review it as quickly as we can.

Don’t forget to be awesome!