Random News: Browncoat Friday

Hello Lovely Readers,

Ever since I watched the movie Serenity and made a friend because of it, who then introduced me to the wonders that were Firefly, I have been a Browncoat! Surprisingly, no matter where I went, I would eventually find the other Browncoats, and usually I was already friends with them. So it has become a bit like returning home for me to watch the series or the movie, as it reminds me of all my friends. For those that have no clue what a Browncoat is, a Browncoat is a fan of series Firefly (and/or the movie based on the series, Serenity). So since I was craving something shiny today, I thought I would share some fun finds for the other Browncoats out there!

First find is 21 Times You Found Serenity. This is mostly a list of how awesome Captain Malcolm Reynolds is, which is fun! For those who aren’t Browncoats yet, Serenity is the name of a battle that Captain Mal and his firstmate, Zoe fought in, and lost. The ship and the movie are named after this battle. But even more, it is a line in the theme song of the tv series, and you can listen to it at the bottom of this post.

The second find is 27 Signs You’re A Browncoat, and it is great. There is a much wider range of characters and events. It was very nice reminder for me of the whole series! It is so hard to pick a favorite one, but I do love Shepard Book, who is the one aiming for the kneecaps! ^_^

Lastly is a quiz to figure out Which Firefly Character You Are. I was excited to get Captain Mal, Mr. Captain-Tight-Pants himself. He is not the typical hero, but he is someone you can relate to, and his crew love him (in their own ways).

Since I was feeling nostalgic, and I love this song (it was the first one I taught myself when I tried to learn guitar). Here is the theme song, “The Ballad of Serenity,” from the series, Firefly. Also below is a video that I watched while working on this post, and I just couldn’t leave it out. So watch for some of the best quotes from the series and movie (my housemate who has never seen the show was laughing out loud as he heard some of these!)

So how many of you are Browncoats? Will any of you who haven’t seen the series watch it? I think I know what I am relaxing with this weekend, and in the words of Captain Mal, “I aim to misbehave!”

Until next time,


Book Review: Star Trek: Khan

Book Title: Star Trek: Khan
Author: Claudia Balboni and Mike Johnson

Your Honor, I don’t think I need to repeat the charges against the defendant. The evidence of his crimes is obvious to the entire federation. What we seek today is the truth behind those crimes… He claims to be this man the 20th century tyrant known as Khan Noonien Singh. And yet the defendant looks nothing like him. So I ask the defendant directly to tell us who he really is. To tell us the truth.
Captain James Kirk in Star Trek: Khan by Claudia Balboni and Mike Johnson

Final Verdict: A nice companion story to Star Trek: Into Darkness that answers some unanswered questions about Khan, and is a nice summer fun read.

For the full review, click the name of the book.

Book Review: Gone (Gone #1)

Book Title: Gone (Gone #1)
Author: Michael Grant

“Sam had a DVD in his hand. He said, ‘Yesterday I sent Edilio to the power plant to get two things. First, a cache of automatic weapons from the guardhouse.’
‘Machine guns?’
‘Yeah. Not just for us to have, but to make sure the other side doesn’t get them.’
‘Now we have an arms race,’ Astrid said.
Her tone seemed to irritate Sam. ‘You want me to leave them for Caine?’
‘I wasn’t criticizing, just… you know. Ninth graders with machine guns; it’s hard to make that a happy story.’
Sam relented. He even grinned. ‘Yeah. The phrase ‘ninth graders with machine guns’ isn’t exactly followed by ‘have a nice day’.’”
Gone by Michael Grant

Final Verdict: An interesting sci-fi book that will appeal to teenagers/adults and men/women alike.

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Random News: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Hello Lovely Readers,

As many of you know tomorrow is the big 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, and I am very much looking forward to it. With that to look forward to I thought I would share some Doctor Who finds, and the two mini-episodes that have come out in anticipation of Saturday. The first is a quiz to find out which version of the Doctor you are, I got the Eleventh and am still deciding if this is the one I wanted or not! You can take the quiz here, just be aware that it might have to reload on you.
The second is a quiz to find out which modern Companion you are (so presumably just from the 9th Doctor to present). I enjoyed this one, and was very happy to get Clara! This one runs a lot faster and is here.
Third, is a list of 21 Fan items over on Buzzfeed that you can view here. My favorite was the ring, although I have to say I am not completely in love with the selection. I will keep making more shirts and fan items for myself!
Fourth, is a list of Doctor Who inspired treats here. These look very tasty, and I may attempt several of them!
Fifth and final find for you is the new Google Doodle, right now it is only in New Zealand to my understanding, but you can access it here. It allows you to play a game as your favorite Doctor!

To finish out this long Doctor Who post, below are the two new mini-episodes that give hints at the new episode. Also I will leave you with the trailer for the episode!

Hope you guys enjoy the 50th Anniversary, I know I will! So which Doctor and which Companion are you?

Until next time,

Book Review: Broken Angels (Eve of Light, Book 1)

Book Title: Broken Angels (Eve of Light, Book 1)
Author: Harambee K. Grey-Sun

“”I’m not your lover,” Darryl said as the woman’s eyes slowly rose from his chest to meet his. His irises faded from their usual shade of violet and gradually brightened approaching the color of wisteria. “I’m more like an angel”.
His corneas twinkled, and the air around his body filled with suspended particles, looking like not-quite-clear raindrops, each of them smaller than a thumbtack.
The drops multiplied. After an uncertain number of them appeared, they moved, scurrying until gathered into two crescent shapes that hovered just above and behind his shoulders. Before T. could say anything, the crescents unfolded, cascading down and down in waves of intangible watery light. When it was all over, two large, radiant wings featuring various shades of violet extended from Darryl’s back…
…“Like all angels,” he said, “I am essentially a messenger.” He extended his hand to her. “I can give you something better than sex, something that can erase all false notions of love from your pretty-pretty head.””

Darryl, Broken Angels by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

Final Verdict: Unless you are a philosophy nut, I wouldn’t recommend this book. I won’t be reading the next book.

For the full review, click the book title.

Movie Review: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie

Movie Title: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Director: Garth Jennings
Notable Stars: Martin Freeman, Sam Rockwell, Mos Def, Zooey Deschanel, Bill Nighy, Alan Rickman (voice only), Stephen Fry (voice only)

In the beginning the universe was created. This made a lot of people angry and has widely been considered as a bad move.
The Book from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Final Verdict: An enjoyable film, that as long as you do not overly scrutinize provides a nice break.

For the full review of this movie and the movie trailer, click the movie title.

Random News: Swag for Inheritance

Hello Sweeties.

Some of you  may have figured out by now that I am a huge fan of Malinda Lo. While I know not that many people know her books, I love them. Her first two were fantasy books (Ash and Huntress), with the first actually being a re-telling of Cinderella (Ash). Lo is one of the few authors who has strong female characters, main characters who aren’t white, and her books have lesbian and bi characters (who are well written!). Her last book was Adaptation, which was a sci-fi book. Frances and I have both reviewed it here already. However, Adaptation was not a stand alone book, and the sequel comes out in September. Inheritance will be the conclusion of the story, and I know I cannot wait to find out what happens!To celebrate the book being released soon, Malinda Lo is offering swag to go along with pre-orders of the book. When you pre-order the book you can have one of two cool postcards sent to you. However, if you pre-order with Lo’s local bookstore, you get both postcards and a couple other bits, as well as having the book signed. On top of all of this, all pre-orders from people in the USA will be entered into a contest to win all of Malinda Lo’s books, including some short story anthologies (which I really want to get my hands on!). You can find all the specifics on Lo’s blog here.
I will be pre-ordering soon, and look forward to scoring some swag. While I haven’t decided whom I am wondering from yet (it will come down to swag versus having to pay full price and shipping…), I am looking forward to entering the contest. Also for those who have read Adaptation, Lo has created the Bin 42 website. In the story this is a website where the characters read conspiracy stories, stories that might not be as impossible as they first believe!

Hope some of you take advantage of this opportunity, especially while there is plenty of time to read Adaptation now so you are ready for September!

Until next time,

Book Review: Swans & Klons

Book Title: Swans & Klons
Author: Nora Olsen

At the final moment, Doctors saved humanity by discovering how to create human life without the animalistic and outdated method of sexual reproduction. The Doctors chose three hundred specimens of exquisite womanhood to be the templates for all future generations to come. And thus Society was born, and in this great nation called Society we have three hundred Jeepie Types.
From Swans & Klons by Nora Olsen

Final Verdict: An ok novel that doesn’t disappoint, but doesn’t provide a thrill either.

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Book Review: I am Number Four

Book Title: I am Number Four
Author: Pittacus Lore

“There were NINE of us who escaped…
Number ONE was killed in Malaysia.
Number TWO was murdered in England.
Number THREE was hunted down in Kenya.
Before they come for the others, they’ll come for me…
John Smith, I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Final Verdict: A book to read mindlessly. Thinking only means you see the large plot holes and the lack of depth in the characters.

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Movie Review: The Host

Movie Title: The Host
Director: Andrew Niccol
Notable Stars:  Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger, Chandler Canterbury

Ian: “You don’t feel bad at all. I’d have killed her.”
Jared: “It doesn’t matter. It’s not human.”
Ian: “So we stop acting human?”

Final Verdict: Wait until the movie shows for free on the TV. That way, if you feel the same way I do, you won’t lose money paying to watch this movie. It has to be the worst movie I’ve seen in a long while and definitely worse than any of the Twilight Saga.

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