Book Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles Graphic Novel

Book Title: Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles Graphic Novel
Adapted by: John Green

“A man’s or a woman’s?”
Dr. Mortimer looked strangely at us for an instant, and his voice sank almost to a whisper as he answered: “Mr Holmes, they were the footprints of s gigantic hound!””
The Hound of the Baskervilles
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Final Verdict: An interesting take on the classic story, but ultimately failing to make a connection with the audience.

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Random News: Sherlock Season 4!

Hello Lovely readers,

Just a quick one today. But Martin Freeman has confirmed that the next season of Sherlock (the fourth one) will probably be out at Christmas time…of 2015. With the filming not looking to be until early 2015 it looks like we are all in for another long wait. The only good news is that it means there really is going to be a next season. You can read about it here.

Are you guys excited about this? How are you going to pass the time until then?

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Random News: Traveling with Detectives and Sherlock Fun

Hello Lovely Readers,

Today I have some really fun finds for you. Just in time for you to plan some travels this summer! Plus some that are just fun!

The first find is a CNN article you can read here, with a list of 9 cities to visit because they are connected to famous detectives. This was a really fun list for me because it was so  international and I did not know many of the detectives. It just shows me I have a lot of fun books still to read. I of course would love to see Stockholm as I loved The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson.

Hound Tor, Dartmoor, Devon

Second is an amazing resource for fans of the BBC show Sherlock. It is a list of most of the locations used in the 3 series and where they are as well as when in the series they appeared. Now before you click, there is information there from all 3 series, so if you have not caught up yet, don’t scroll all the way down (the article will tell you when to stop). You can view the list here. I know I now have some plans to visit some of these sites, especially the ones in London as I already have some trips planned there!

The next find is not a travel based one, but it reminds me of my childhood. It is 27 Reasons Why “The Great Mouse Detective” Is the Greatest Disney Movie. I loved this movie as a child and I love it even more now that I am more familiar with Sherlock Holmes. It is a great introduction to Holmes for youngsters, but there are many great references to some of the older portrayals of the character. I love that Basil, the mouse detective, is named after Basil Rathbone (who I love) who was one of the most famous actors to portray Holmes!

Lastly, is a fun find that pairs texts from last night with pictures from Sherlock for a very funny effect. As a warning there is some language that is not suitable for everyone, so just a heads up before you click here. I loved them and was laughing out loud at a lot of them as I could see the characters saying or doing the text!

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Random News: Epic Pumpkin Carvings

Hello Lovely Readers,

Now that it is getting a little closer to Halloween, I thought now would be the best time to share some epic pumpkin carvings I have seen around the web. Hopefully, this will inspire some of you into creating your own works of art. The first is a collection over at Buzzfeed, here. They have a bunch of amazing pumpkins carved for different fandoms, and several of them are book based. Below is one of my favorites from their list.

The second I was able to track down to the actual artist. The super talented johwee has many pumpkins displayed over on DeviantArt, you can click here to see more of their work. My favorite is their Harry Potter Collection.

My favorites though are by The Pumpkin Geek over at Twitter, you can see all their work here. These are truly spectacular, and almost look photoshopped onto the pumpkins they are that good. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite, but I thought the Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock would be fun to share.

A couple years ago Frances, I and a friend tried our hand at pumpkin carving, and the results were a little less impressive. But for anyone that has never carved a pumpkin you should really try it, and cook the seeds as a treat! It was one of my favorite things when I was growing up, even if I have never been a pumpkin artist! Hope you guys have fun, and enjoy our feeble attempt below.

Until next time,

Random News: Sherlock BBC Season 3

Hello Sweeties,

One of my favorite people in all of literature is Sherlock Holmes. As a Forensic Psychology student, this is probably not surprising. While I grew up with lots of cultural references to him, it was not until my dad listened to The Adventure of the Speckled Band (from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) on audiobook on a long car trip that I began to realize how amazing “The Consulting Detective” was. Since then I have started to make my way through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, and of course I have started to watch some of the many, many adaptations of these stories.

I am rather strange in that I really appreciate many of the older versions of Sherlock Holmes. I grew up watching The Great Mouse Detective, which makes many references to Basil Rathbone’s version of the detective (Rathbone is already one of my favorite old actors because he was such a great swordsman, much better than Errol Flynn). However, my favorite of the old fashioned Sherlocks has to be Jeremy Brett, who embody the detective in the Granda produced series. So I was delighted when Buzzfeed featured some great comics comparing Jeremy Brett’s versions to BBC’s Sherlock (with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) and the Guy Ritchie movies (with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law). It made me laugh and highlighted the differences between the adaptations, you can view it here. One of the panels is displayed below to give you an idea as well!

However, this is not the only Sherlock Holmes news recently. Many people, myself included, have been very anxiously waiting for any news about the upcoming 3rd series of the BBC’s Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. There was a teaser trailer that just cam out that featured some hints about Sherlock as well as some of the other dramas (also it looks like there is going to be a Three Musketeers TV series!). You can watch this here. However, more exciting to me is the actual teaser trailer for the 3rd series that you can watch below.

I am very excited for this series. Especially to see how John reacts to Sherlock not being dead, and how Sherlock admits this. What do you guys think? Will you be watching the next series when it finally airs?

That was going to be the end of the post, but I stumbled across one more fun Buzzfeed article. This one has a color your own Benedict Cumberbatch page for you. However, the best part is how to figure out your own Benedict Cumberbatch name! I had a lot of fun with that part, and mine would be Melomnomnom Celineneithernorspud. Check out the article here, and let us know what your name would be!

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Random News: Comic Con Updates on Movies and TV Shows

Hello Sweeties,

By now some of you will probably have picked up on the fact that I am something of a geek (as if the book blog wasn’t a big enough clue). As I cannot be in San Diego right now for Comic Con (a huge expo of nerdy-goodness for those who might not be as in touch with their geeky side), I have been reading a ton of articles on all the news coming from there. This is the time of year when new movies are announced, the latest trailers released, and from interviews all the behind the secret things we have been dying to know. I thought I would share with you some of the most exciting things (to me at least) that I have seen coming from Comic Con this year!

First is the new trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The new trailer shows so much more, and gives a much better idea of what the final movie will look like. I was personally most excited to see Katniss’ wedding-to-mocking jay dress. You can watch the trailer below, and if you are curious there are a ton of interviews with Jennifer Lawrence and the rest about filming the new movie.

Second there was a panel for The Seventh Son, which is based on The Wardstone Chronicles. I read the first book in this series just for this movie, and I am looking forward to the movie. There is also a trailer out now, that you can watch below. As far as the book goes I knew there were going to be differences in the plot just from casting, but the trailer shows something very different to what I was expecting. However, I am still looking forward to seeing this movie, even if it is only very loosely based on the book.

I know both Frances and I are looking forward to The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones movie that is coming out soon. There was at least one panel discussion for this movie and some interviews with the main actors. You can read an article about an interview with Lily Collins here. The main gist of the article is that she was running around in heels for the movie. This has me a little worried as from reading the book I only remember one scene/sequence of events where Clary is wearing heels, so she really shouldn’t have been wearing them for the whole movie. Hopefully it was just an exaggeration, but it makes me even more nervous than I was for the adaptation of this book.

Over at Buzzfeed, they have an article about the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., which you can read here. I already shared a link to the trailer for this show a week ago, and I am still very  excited to see this show. It seems to live up to people’s expectations, and is supposedly funny! Also in connection to the Marvel Universe of superheroes, there was a lot of buzz over the next few movies. Tom Hiddleston dressed as Loki to entertain the crowd and introduce the new trailer for the next Thor movie, and the fans apparently went crazy over his appearance. There was also news about the next Captain America movie, The Winter Solider. The most exciting news for me was the announcement of the name of the next Avenger’s movie, which will be The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and will begin filming in 2014.

Last, but not least, is my personal favorite of all the news. For several years there has been talk of a movie reboot of The Crow. However, it has changed hands so many times it was starting to look very unlikely. Yet, it seems to have come into yet another director’s hands, and this time he was able to convince James O’Barr, the author of the original comics, to be attached to the movie, too. This is a really good sign as O’Barr has been very reticent to have any more Crow movies after the death of Brandon Lee (and he was openly outspoken about how bad some of the later movies were). Not only is O’Barr on board, they also have the main actor cast, Luke Evans, who I am a fan of (he was Zeus in The Immortals, the detective in The Raven, and will be Bard in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug). You can read more here, and I will no doubt be providing any updates about this as I hear them!

What have you guys been watching from Comic Con? One of my other favorite things to do is look at all the pictures of the amazing costumes that people are wearing, which I highly recommend you do (here is a link for some of the most adorable ones!). There is so much more that I could talk about that has been happening in San Diego, such as things related to the X-Men, Sherlock (BBC), Doctor Who, and so many others!! Let me know what you are most excited about!

Until next time,

Frances and Lynne Adventure: Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock – A Thoroughly Modern Victorian

Event: Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock – A Thoroughly Modern Victorian
Place: The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival
Date: 6 October 2012

Running in the coat, makes me feel like an action start (mimics running with the coat and flicking his hair out of his face). Benedict Cumberbatch as remembered by Lynne.

Final Verdict: Great evening out. Push children out of the way (if needed) to attend an interview with either Benedict or Louise.

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