Book Review: The Vagrant

Book Title: The Vagrant
Author: Peter Newman

“In answer, the Vagrant raises his blade. At its hilt, silvered wings unfurl.
An eye opens.”

The Vagrant by Peter Newman

Final Verdict: An amazing and complex journey with amazing characters that I am already planning to re-read!

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Book review: We Will Hunt Together

Book Title: We Will Hunt Together
Author: J. Hepburn

“It occurred to Helgaer then, with perfect clarity, that they would be finding ways to argue until they fell asleep or one of them kissed the other.”
We Will Hunt Together by J. Hepburn

Final Verdict: A decent book, with some good sword fights and a believable relationship, but only for adult readers.

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Movie Trailer: Dracula Untold

Hello Lovely Readers,

This week is super busy for me, so you get another quick post about an upcoming movie. I had heard about this movie as I am a fan of Luke Evans’ work, and still have a soft spot in my heart for vampires, even after all that Twilight nonsense. So I was very excited to see the trailer for Dracula Untold. You can watch the trailer below.

I have to say, I am SUPER excited!! This basically looks like it was made for me! First, you have the origin story of Dracula, which was missing from the original novel. I love villain origin stories (see all my comments about Maleficent), and this looks epic. Second, it has lots of armor (and something other than English or well known styles of armor), and epic sword fights. Since I used to do stage combat, sword fighting is on of my favorite things to watch, especially if it is done well! Third, Luke Evans looks awesome and intimidating, plus he is rather good at sword fighting and wearing armor! Fourth, and lastly they used an epic cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World, by Tears for Fears, the cover is by Lorde and is epically creepy and awesome. The original is one of my favorite songs, and this cover is even better!

So clearly I am excited for this movie, is anyone else?

Until next time,

Random News: Tom Hiddleston and Some Fun Shakespeare and Marvel Finds

Hello Lovely Readers,

As you may have realized I have a bit of a soft spot for Tom Hiddleston, especially when it comes to him in Shakespeare plays. If you have not seen him in the Hollow Crown tetraology, I highly recommend it (especially Henry V)! I was very excited about six months ago when I found out he would be the lead in Coriolanus, however even back then all the tickets were completely sold out. Yet not is all lost, the National Theatre is doing an event where on 30 January (tomorrow) many participating cinemas will be broadcasting live a performance of Coriolanus, and to my knowledge this also extends outside the UK as well. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I will not be able to see this at the cinema. Luckily, one of the cinemas near me will be re-playing the show at later dates, and I will catch it then and report back. But hopefully some of you can see the event. There is information here. Also below is a nice video of behind the scenes a the theatre, just to try and entice you!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, there are now rumors of Kenneth Branagh trying to direct a Hiddleston in a Shakespeare movie, and best of all it is Much Ado About Nothing. This is one of my favorite plays, and they are talking about having Hiddleston as Benedick, which I think is a perfect fit. You can read the article I found here. I am really hoping this rumor comes to pass. The only tricky part is who would be cast as Beatrice, as they will need to have a certain chemistry that if it is missing could spoil the whole play.

The last news is sort of combined, but apparently there is a lot of fun stuff on the new Thor: Dark World dvds, and these extra bits have hit the internet. The first shows Hiddleston embracing the chance to wear the Captain America costume, and it is not to be missed! You can see the clip and gifs here.

The second find from the dvd is Hiddleston’s original audition for the part of Thor. For those who may have been unaware, Hiddleston bulked up a bit and tried for the lead, before Kenneth Branagh (yes the same one from the previous news) cast him as Loki, and Hiddleston had to slim down for the part. While the whole video doesn’t seem to be posted yet, the gif sets make it worth it, so see it here. Plus it is fun to see Hiddleston with long blond hair (his actual hair unless I am mistaken).

Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did. I think I am going to have to re-watch The Hollow Crown tonight!

Until next time,

Radnom News: TV Shows to Check out and Movie Update

Hello Lovely Readers,

I found some more interesting looking TV shows that are based (loosely) off of some classic books. The first is the TV series The Musketeers on BBC1. Right now it is on iPlayer for those in the UK. It is based off of The Three Musketeers by Victor Hugo. I honestly cannot wait to watch it. The trailers look good, and I love a good sword fighting show. I am just a bit leery as I have never been a fan of d’Artagnan in the movies. Also I am looking forward to Peter Capaldi (the new Doctor) Cardinal Richelieu!


A show to look forward to much later this year or next is a new series based on The Wizard of Oz  and other stories by L. Frank Baum. The show is to be called Emerald City and will star a 20 year old Dorothy Gale. You can read more about it here.

Lastly, tagged on to the bottom of a story about the Batman/Superman movie being pushed back a year, there was an announcement that there would instead be a new Peter Pan movie instead. You can read that here. I will have to see trailers for the Peter Pan movie before I decide if I want to see it or not, I am a huge fan of Peter Pan things.

Until next time,

Random News: Sexy Shakespeare Friday

Hello Lovely Readers,

There has been some really neat Shakespeare photos and videos released or complied this week. Being a fan of Shakespeare’s works, I decided you guys should see these, and get as excited as me! First I have to start with some photos of Tom Hiddleston training with a sword for Coriolanus. I was super sad that the show was already sold out several months ago when I tried to get tickets. However, many of the local cinemas will be broadcasting a show, so I will probably watch it that way. However, of all the news this week, this was probably the most interesting for me, as I used to be part of a Stage Combat group (Ring of Steel from Ann Arbor, Michigan) that trained with weapons for performances! You can view the full photo set here, and see my favorite below.

Another one of my favorite leading men in Shakespearan roles, there were lots of pictures of David Tennant this week as he prepares to star in Richard II. Frances and I were lucky enough to get tickets to a show later this month in Stratford-Upon-Avon! I am super excited to see behind the scenes. While most over at the RSC website you can view video diaries of the cast and crew, interviews with David, photos of other shows David has acted in, and the trailer for the show. While this is the stuff I am most excited about, most news this week was on Tennant’s hair. It seems for the role he has added mid-back length extensions to his hair. This is in preparation for this play, so I am really curious to see this hair in person. From the back though, his new hair looks scarily like my hair did in high school! You can see more of the hair here.

Rounding out the leading men in Shakespeare trio, was a neat piece on Ben Whishaw over on Buzzfeed. You can click here to find out 20 ways he will melt your heart. I will admit I know very little about him outside his acting, but his acting is terrific. I loved him as Ariel with Helen Mirren’s Prospera in The Tempest. He was also my first introduction to Richard II, in the Hollow Crown adaptation of the play. Honestly, I could not have told you it was the same actor! I highly recommend the four movies of The Hollow Crown, as not only is Whishaw amazing in it, but Tom Hiddleston plays Henry V and Jeremy Irons plays Henry IV (and there are so many other great actors).  Whishaw is probably best known by people as the new Q from James Bond. Below are some pictures of how differently he portrayed the two parts I talked about! The first is him as Ariel when it is scaring some people. Ariel is disguised as a Harpy (rather than its normal fairy-like self), and is rather convincing in tricking the people into thinking they are mad!

This second photo is Whishaw as Richard in all his finery.

Lastly, the RSC has released a wonderful interview with the two leads from their recent adaptation of As You Like It. I saw and really enjoyed the play. It was a really incredibly put together play. It was neat to see the two leads, who I have seen in many plays now, as themselves and not in characters! Unfortunately, I think the run of the play has ended, but it should be coming to DVD sometime (I think).

Until next time,