The Ending of The Splendor Falls: Veering off into the Strange and Unexpected

Rosemary Clement-Moore
513 pages

The ending of the book surprised me…in a bad way. I thought that Sylvie had medium abilities, meaning that she has the ability to see (and perhaps communicate, although she doesn’t do this in the book) with ghosts. The ending, however, took a completely unexpected and cult-like twist. I understand that Shawn was the ringleader of a group of students casting spells to bring good fortune to the town, and Shawn was misusing his power as the ringleader to convince the others to bring good fortune to his family in particular. The problem is that the spells they cast for good fortune need an equal amount of bad fortune to occur in order to maintain the cosmic balance. This explains the flood that destroyed part of the town years ago, and the flood that is threatening to destroy an even larger part of the town now. Sylvie is somehow as powerful as Shawn, and their combined abilities would allow them to cast more advanced spells (e.g., allowing Sylvie to dance ballet again). There is a magic show down between Shawn and Sylvie, where Sylvie severs Shawn’s connection to the other group members who he is controlling by magic or something like that. Somehow the stone that is found in the inn’s grounds is involved, but I’m not entirely sure how. There’s an equally shocking revelation about Rhys who was the ringleader of a group of British witches, and they used too much magic which caused a mine to collapse (at least that is what I think I remember) and a good friend died. He travelled to America in search of more of the same stone; hence, he found the inn and tried to stop Shawn from using spells and recreating what happened in England.

I’m honestly left baffled by the ending of The Splendor Falls. I’m not sure where the witch and cult-like plot came from or why it was necessary. I’m also not entirely sure what happened to the ghosts living in the inn. I know that everything was laid to rest, but with everything that happened, I can’t for the life of me remember how that all happened. Perhaps I should re-read the ending to get a better understanding of what actually happened. I just wish that I had the motivation to do so. If anyone can explain what happened more clearly to me and why the author decided to veer off to such a strange and unexpected ending, I would be happy to hear from you!


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